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Vision Therapy Testimonial on Video

February 17, 2013

Here’s a vision therapy testimonial on video by a 2nd grader and his Mom, who were referred to Dr. Juanita Collier, a behavioral optometrist, for vision therapy. Ethan was grappling to not fall behind his class in reading. In just a few months after beginning his vision therapy program, his reading skill has increased significantly. Ethan’s huge progress shows that he originally had a visual physiological barrier to reading. With vision therapy, that barrier to reading was removed. Now, Ethan’s is in the advanced reading group of his grade. Watch this video testimonial about vision therapy to learn how a vision therapy program can improve a child’s reading level in just a few short months.

Vision therapy is an optometrist-supervised, therapy plan that has effectively corrected particular visual challenges faced by kids and adults. Vision therapy — a type of “physical therapy for the eyes and brain” — It is really a extremely efficient non-surgical treatment for a lot of typical visual problems such as double vision, crossed eyes, convergence insufficiency, lazy eye and a few reading and learning challenges. Many patients who have been told, “you’ll need to learn to manage with it” or “it’s too late” have benefited from vision therapy.

Developmental Optometry (or Behavioral Optometry) is concerned with how your eyes and visual system work and how your behavior affects vision or how your vision affects your behavior. As a Behavioral Optometry (or Developmental Optometry), Dr. Juanita Collier, will ask key questions about your vision problems on the job, college and home, and she will determine how optometric vision therapy and/or eye glasses might help to improve your comfort and overall performance, whilst avoiding future vision problems.

With all of the issues parents need to worry about, it might be possible to miss a child’s visual problems. This vision therapy video shows how Ethan’s Mom was able to assist her kid.

Numerous misconceptions exist concerning the connection between visual impairment and learning disorders. With the case of learning disabilities, vision therapy is particularly directed toward resolving visual problems which interfere with reading, studying and educational instruction. Eye doctors do not claim that vision therapy is a direct therapy for learning disabilities}.

Do you realize that standard vision tests commonly used by schools and in pediatricians’ offices can only detect 5% of visual issues that may impede learning?

This vision therapy testimonial reveals what parents can do to notice if their children have visual issues that can be treated early on to enhance their reading and studying abilities..

vision therapy testimonial


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